Advocates for Children of New Jersey; Newark, NJ
$50,000 to strengthen components of New Jersey’s birth through 3rd grade early learning system by identifying and promoting public policies that significantly improve the quality of early learning environments and equitable access.

Georgetown University; Washington, D.C.
$175,000 over two years to extend the longitudinal study of the impact of Tulsa’s universal PreK program by tracking academic, social, and other student outcomes as the students enter the Eighth Grade.

National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine; Washington, D.C.
$100,000 over two years to conduct a Board on Children, Youth and Families consensus study resulting in a report that will inform a national policy framework for parenting and family support.

New America Foundation; Washington, D.C.
$95,000 over two years for editorial and dissemination support for the book First Things First: Designing a New American Primary School.

Northwestern University; Evanston, IL
$495,000 over two years to examine parent and child outcomes of CareerAdvance, a Dual-Generation, human capital program focusing on the enrichment of children and their families.

Princeton University; Princeton, NJ
$125,000 over two years to produce and disseminate an issue of Future of Children focused on implementation of PreK to 3rd Grade research, policy, and practice, with specific recommendations for policymakers to improve early care and education programs and systems.

University of California, Berkeley; Berkeley, CA
$1,300,000 over three years to produce and disseminate to policymakers and general audiences two issues of a biennial State of the Early Childhood Workforce Report, a state-by-state data analysis and assessment of early care and education workforce policies.

Young Scholars Program

Rice University; Houston, TX 
$146,000 to support Justin Denny’s study, “Food Insecurity in Neighborhood Context: Investigating Disparities Among a Racially Diverse Sample of Young Children,” based on recent releases of the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study.

University of California, Davis; Davis, CA
$106,000 to support Kevin Gee’s study, “The Impact of Food Security Status on Children’s Developmental Outcomes: Examining Difference Across Diverse Racial/Ethnic and Income Groups” culling from newly available data on household food insecurity from the 2011 Early Childhood Longitudinal Study.

University of California, Irvine; Irvine, CA
$150,000 to support Kristin Turney’s study, “The Developmental Trajectories of Children with Incarcerated Fathers: The Role of Families, Schools, and Neighborhoods,” an analysis of two complementary longitudinal data sources — the Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing Study and the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study.

University of Illinois; Chicago, IL
$150,000 to support Kristin A. Molina’s study, “The Effects of Discrimination on Social, Academic, and Mental Health Outcomes of Puerto Rican Children” a secondary analysis of the Boricua Youth Study, a two-site (San Juan, Puerto Rico and South Bronx, NY) population-based, three wave longitudinal study.

University of Texas Foundation; Austin, TX 
$143,000 to support Ramon A. Martinez’ research project, “Exploring and Expanding Multilingual Students’ Linguistic Repertoires,” a qualitative study of multilingual children attending a dual language charter school in Los Angeles.