Q1. How can I apply to become a Promising Scholar?
Promising Scholars are selected from those applicants who applied to the Young Scholars Program. The Advisory Committee and Foundation staff designate Promising Scholars that demonstrate exceptional potential to conduct rigorous, high-quality implementation research focused on the early care and education workforce.
An applicant only has an opportunity to be considered for a Promising Scholar designation by applying to the Young Scholars Program first; there is no a separate application process. Each year Promising Scholars will be selected from the YSP application process.

Q2. What are the criteria for becoming a Promising Scholar?
All Promising Scholars have met the same eligibility criteria as those applicants for YSP and they have competed in the most recent YSP application cycle. Promising Scholars are chosen from applicants who have reached the final stages of the application process. It is expected that Promising Scholars will participate in at least one subsequent YSP application cycle after receipt of the professional development supports provided.

Q3. What resources and supports do Promising Scholars receive?
The total Promising Scholar award is $15,000. Included in this award are stipends for both the Promising Scholar and their mentor to support the further development of the scholar’s research skills and research area(s) of interest. In collaboration with Urban Institute, the scholars will also attend the YSP Professional Learning Convening. In addition, funding is provided to support activities outlined in an individualized professional development plan that will be developed jointly between the scholar, the Foundation, and Urban Institute.

Q4. Does becoming a Promising Scholar give me a better chance of being chosen as a Young Scholar?
Promising Scholars do not receive priority in consideration for YSP research awards; they compete in future application cycles without any favored status.

Q5. If I am chosen as a Promising Scholar, does that mean I have to accept the award before I can re-apply for YSP?
No, you do not have to accept the Promising Scholars award in order to re-apply for YSP.