Jacqueline Jones

President and CEO

Jacqueline is the Foundation’s President & CEO, where she is responsible for developing and implementing its strategic vision and goals. Read More.

Usman Gulzar

Manager of Finance & Administration

Usman is the Foundation’s Manager of Finance and Administration and is responsible for the financial and operational aspects of the Foundation. Read More.

Naomie Macena

Program Officer

Naomie Macena is a Program Officer at the Foundation for Child Development responsible for developing and monitoring a grant portfolio, including leading the Young Scholars Program. Read More.

Dorothy Pflager

Office/Grants Manager

Dorothy has been with the Foundation for Child Development since January 2013 and currently serves as the Office and Grants Manager. Read More.

Juliana Shadlen

Administrative Assistant

Juliana Shadlen has been with the Foundation for Child Development since February 2014 and currently serves as Administrative Assistant to the President & CEO as well as liaison to the Board of Directors. Read More.

Sara Vecchiotti

Chief Program Officer

Sara Vecchiotti is the Chief Program Officer at the Foundation and is responsible for program and grant development and monitoring and communications. Read More.