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Featured Sessions at the AERA 2023 Annual Meeting

The Foundation for Child Development invites you to attend four sessions highlighting our work at the American Educational Research Association’s 2023 Annual Meeting in Chicago, April 13 – 16. The 2023 theme is “Interrogating Consequential Education Research in Pursuit of Truth.”

Compensation for the Workforce: The History, The Policies, Attempts At Increase, and the Teacher’s POV

Date and Time
Thursday, April 13, 2:50 – 4:20PM CDT

Symposium Session Description
Compensation for the early care and education (ECE) workforce is predicated on a history of racism, sexism, and classism that has plagued the United States for centuries. Women, particularly women of color and their families, have borne the brunt of these challenges for generations. This lack of adequate compensation has resulted in job dissatisfaction, and high rates of turnover, which can also result in negative outcomes for the children educators serve. This session will shed light on the history, policy and practice efforts, and educator’s perspectives regarding compensation in the ECE field with an intentional focus on sustainable salaries, benefits, and equity within the profession.

Individual Presentations

  • Chrishana Lloyd, Child Trends
  • Anna Markowitz, UCLA
  • Caitlin McLean, UC Berkeley


  • Tonia McMillan, Educator

Amplifying Early Childhood Educator Voices With an Equity Lens

Date and Time
Thursday, April 13, 11:40AM – 1:10PM CDT

Working Group Roundtable Description
Voices and perspectives from the field are a needed and consistently overlooked source of information for policy and decision making in ECE spaces, further creating opportunity gaps both for children and educators. In response to calls for more equitable lines of inquiry, with particular attention to methods, this working group round table seeks to examine truth directly through educators in ways that can advance practice and policy. Uniquely, all papers include the experiences of teachers of color to answer specific questions about equitable practice for BIPOC children, and the ways in which they can be best supported to create responsive classrooms. These perspectives will be discussed with particular attention to practices supportive of DLLs.


  • Alex Figueras-Daniel, National Institute for Early Education Research
  • Jennifer Keys Adair, The University of Texas at Austin
  • Andrea Kent (Chair), Foundation for Child Development

Seeking Truth Through an Authentic Understanding of Teachers’ Lived Experiences

Date and Time
Sunday, April 16, 9:50 – 11:20AM CDT

Symposium Session Description
Three researchers of color will come together to question the way that research is conducted with the early care and education workforce, describing the harmful effects of failing to understand each member of the workforce through their unique and individual experiences. While each study presented in this symposium is unique in its research questions, design, and methods, all four researchers have come to the strong conclusion that seeking truth through research requires the researcher to take on the responsibility of truly understanding the population being studied. Without this understanding, the racism and sexism that exist in ECE policy and systems will continue to permeate the field, without an end in sight.


  • Zoelene Hill, New York Academy of Medicine
  • Vanessa Rodriguez, NYU Grossman School of Medicine
  • Mark Nagasawa, Bank Street


  • Jennifer Keys Adair, The University of Texas at Austin

Early Career Research Fellowship and Funding Opportunities

Date and Time
Sunday, April 16, 11:40AM – 1:10PM CDT


  • Adam Gamoran, William T Grant Foundation
  • George Wimberly, American Educational Research Association
  • Maria Katherine Gahan, National Academy of Education
  • Kara Finnigan, University of Michigan/Spencer Foundation
  • Andrea Kent, Foundation for Child Development