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Early Childhood Leadership Consensus Statement

The Early Childhood Leadership Development Consortium is a network of early childhood experts and advocates, committed to developing progressive and transformational leaders of early childhood center- and school-based programs, who will improve outcomes for all children birth through age eight. Consortium members include representatives from national early childhood and public education organizations, higher education institutions, professional development and training groups, philanthropic organizations, and policy advocates.

In 2016, the Consortium developed a unifying conceptual framework to strengthen the effectiveness of and bring coherence to current early childhood leadership development efforts. The Consortium recognizes that in order to develop progressive, transformational leadership for the field of early care and education, a thorough analysis of current research and application of best practices is needed — all while exploring  individual and organizational common interests in developing early childhood education leaders. The consensus statement represents an Early Childhood Education Leadership Development Conceptual Framework that aims to serve as a catalyst for dialogue and reflection around the critical issue of leadership development in early care and education.