Professionalizing and Investing in the ECE Workforce

The National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE) is working with state boards of education and other key state policymakers to address issues related to the early care and education (ECE) workforce. The Foundation is proud to share NASBE’s work helping to shape state policies removing barriers and implementing strategies leading to a well prepared, supported, and compensated workforce in a changing ECE landscape.

Foundation for Child Development Grants in Action

NASBE highlights the use of American Rescue Plan funds to support the ECE workforce in its new analysis Investing in Early Childhood Workforce Recovery. States have an opportunity to address longstanding challenges experienced by ECE professionals. It also encourages states to implement long-term strategies that can result in significant systemic changes that address teacher shortages and retention by investing in increased compensation and benefits, mental health and well-being, and professional development. Finally, it discusses how state boards of education can help to advance policies in the ECE field in support of the workforce.

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NASBE has been working with the State Board of Education in Michigan to expand opportunities to improve early educators’ preparation and support professionalization by implementing a new teacher licensure structure. Its Birth – Kindergarten teacher certificate addresses elements not yet covered by other certificates and ensures high-quality early learning experiences for our youngest learners. It incorporates competencies on whole-child development, including social-emotional development and the role of play; special education; building family and community relationships; and content knowledge and pedagogy.

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