Effective Systems

Lessons in Early Learning: Building an Integrated PreK-12 System in Montgomery County Public Schools


This report by Geoff Marietta provides an overview of how Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) in Maryland developed a successful PreK-12th Grade public education system by using local and federal dollars to craft, implement and improve a system-wide education reform strategy built on a foundation of providing high-quality PreK education.

Aligning a high-quality PreK experience with its overall education reform goals has helped MCPS achieve significant results: almost 90 percent of Kindergarteners enter first grade with essential early literacy skills; nearly 88 percent of third graders read proficiently; achievement gaps between different racial and ethnic groups across all grade levels have declined by double digits; 90 percent of seniors graduate from high school and about 77 percent of them enroll in college.

Research shows that high-quality early learning from PreKindergarten through early grades of elementary school (PreK-3rd) is the foundation for all future learning.